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Building Work Extension - Exeter
Devon GroundworksDevon Groundworks Devon Groundworks Devon Groundworks Devon GroundworksDevon Groundworks
Project Complete - involving:
Step by step, the extension and buildworks were completed on schedule.
Devon Groundworks Internal Walls Devon Groundworks Brick Work
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Devon Groundworks
Devon Groundworks
Groundworks Devon
Devon Groundworks
Groundworks Devon
Ground Works Devon
Foundations Devon
Devon Groundworks
Ground works Devon
Foundations Devon
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Foundation Work Devon
Devon Groundworks
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Devon Groundworks
Groundworks Devon
Building Work - Exeter
Working off the back of our existing work at this project in Exeter, the team here at Gary Cooper and Sons were a major part of the extension work and landscaping pictured above. Work started on the extension with our team constructing the internal walls of the soon-to-be garage. An outer skin was completed in brick to match the existing brickwork.

Since our previous foundation work was in-place, it was a simple task for us to construct the extension with further steel RSJ foundations. The new roof was then cut on-site and the garage walls were plastered with fire board and skimmed. The living area was also boarded and skimmed to meet the clients needs.
Further landscaping work then began on the front garden as we were asked to remodel the garden area with railway sleeper walls, new paving and fresh turf.

The completed project was a great success and the new extension and groundwork helped transformed the property. The project was finished with new glazing for the day room on the rear and a south-facing sun terrace for the family to enjoy.
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