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'NO-DIG' Drainage Solutions

Renovation of deformed and damaged Pitch Fibre drains.

Drain profile is restored and liner inserted that once set will maintain the new drain profile.
This procedure uses specialist equipment (winch, air machine and hot box).

This method of drain repair can be used to prevent root intrusion, sealing leaking joints, repair of pipe cracks and repair of other pipe line failures.

Blockage Clearing and Pipe Cleaning

We offer various methods of pipe and drain clearance and cleaning using high pressure water jets, mechanical cable machines for both large and small diameter pipes.

Root Problems? More information on how roots can damage your drains

We have specialist root cutting equipment to remove root infestation.

We are not part of a large organisation or franchised company, therefore we believe our services are competitively priced within the market. All our work is guaranteed and our aim is to provide a courteous and effective service with a high standard of workmanship.

Pitch Fibre Pipe Work. More on how pitch fibre can cause problems and what can be done about it.

Used mainly in the 1960s Pitch Fibre pipes were a revelation in the building world. Cheaper and much faster to install than the traditional clay pipes at that time.

Sewage Treatment Devon
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Experience Matters

"It isn't just a case of having the right tools. Here at Gary Cooper and Sons, we have the know-how and wealth of experience to use those tools to quickly and efficiently provide both groundwork and drainage services across Devon."

For more information, contact our team on 01626 817 953. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sewage Treatment Plants Devon
Sewage Treatment Devon
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