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Rain water harvesting systems

More and more people across the region are becoming concerned about the sustainability of their home, especially when the savings that can be made are becoming more noticeable.

This doesn't just mean integrating biomass into your heating, or solar panels for hot water and electricity, or even a micro-wind turbine, all to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on increasingly expensive fossil fuels. Another vital and increasing precious commodity that every home uses is water. This is where rainwater harvesting comes in.

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This isn't a new idea, many homes have had water butts for decades to store rainwater for use in the garden. But watering the garden isn't the only use that rainwater can be put to.

Everything from flushing the toilet to running the central heating system requires water that could be sourced from rainwater. In fact every use of water that doesn't involve consumption could be an ideal use of rainwater.

The Benefits
Sewage Treatment devon It literally does fall from the sky for free. Everytime you use rainwater in your home you are not using water that has passed through your water meter.
Rain Water Harvesting Devon It is not depleting reservoirs, you are using water that would otherwise have just run aaway down the drain.

In some cases it can be impractical to install a rainwater harvesting system into an existing house. But we can always install an underground storage tank to feed exterior taps, for everything from watering the garden to washing the car.
Sewage Treatment Devon
Sewage Treatment Devon
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Sewage Treatment Devon
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